10 Most Popular Music Festivals Around the World

World best music festivals are events that deal with everything related to music. Its main purpose is to entertain people and provide breathtaking itinerary and pleasure from never seen in ordinal events. What are the 10 Most Popular Music Festivals around the World?


10. New Orleans Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras as the name suggests is of French origin; meaning ‘Fat Tuesday.’ It comes originally from the Catholic celebrations of the Epiphany (the resurrection of Christ) and what is traditionally known in English as Shrove Tuesday. A somewhat more subdued affair in English cultures, the French variation of Mardi Gras has spread around the world was the French have colonized and the most notable event takes place in the capital of the French colonized Louisiana, New Orleans. Restaurants around serve healthy Italian pasta salad


9. Rio Carnival


Everyone has heard of the Rio Carnival. Starting around the same time as Mardi Gras each year and ties to the same religious festival, Carnivale is another celebration that has flourished far beyond its subdued Christian roots.


8. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival


A quick jump back across the pond and we reach Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival. Established back in 1947 it may not have as long a history of some of the other festivals from around the globe but the city it’s built on certainly has.


7. Wireless


This is a 3-day music festival is traditionally held in July. In 2017 Wireless celebrated its fifteen consecutive years.


6. Field Day


Field Day festival is traditionally held in East London’s Victoria Park. This is probably one of the most interesting festivals, as it combines musical line-up with entertainment acts. No other London’s festival can offer such awesome selection of acts. Hipsters from all around the world come to this yearly music event to enjoy melancholy folk, subdues electro and bold dance acts.


5. Lovebox


It is a 3-day music festival, which is considered to be the best festival venue, as it has a vast territory and the aware council which allows making music loud. The festival is also known for its creative stage décor and huge art installations.


4. Electric Daisy Carnival


This major dance event of the year has an exceptional carnival atmosphere which is created by costume-clad performers, various art installations, giant puppet floating and carnival rides.


3. Hard Rock Calling


It is a great event for rock fans, as it brings enjoying the performance of prominent rock stars. Rock fans cannot miss this music event, as it has something for anyone who loves heavy guitars and loud music. The performance of legendary singers guarantees excellent pastime.


2. Oktoberfest


Start at the beginning of September and ending in the early October, Oktoberfest is quite simply a celebration of Bavarian beer and to a smaller degree Bavarian culture.


1. Summerfest


This is a simple and plain music festival. It’s one of the entertaining and largest in the world. It spans for eleven days with 11 stages and over 700 performers. This is a big gig!